Our History

Rajiv Gandhi national school was started in the year 2004. The school would be run by Punchiri Matha Trust, a group of missionaries belong to MSFX; wants to bring in new standardsof challenge in education.The school aims at offering high Quality education that generates good learning habits, promotes positive attitudes; develop skills and taps students potential. The school follows CBSE syllabus and cares to students from kindergarten.

We firmly believe that the education of the youth helps to create a better human society. So we seek to impart a sound education, leading to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of the child. The education imparted at RGNS opens the heart as well as the mind and pursues excellence in all aspects of life and activity. Every child at Rajiv Gandhi national school is groomed to grow into competent and creative individuals capable of providing constructive leadership to a new world order. These students are encouraged to make a sound moral judgment based on a well-formed conscience and put them into practice with a sense of personal commitment.

We aim at achieving our objective with child centered and activity oriented methods with utmost care, love, understanding and firmness, so as to inculcate in the young minds, early enough the moral and cultural values, upholding human values and our composite culture, developing a sense of social responsibility and religious tolerance and enhancing competence and confident to meet the challenges the lie ahead.